The health care systems in Hurghada is mainly privatized and the quality in growing trend. To locate the nearest source of medical help check with your travel assistance provided by your insurance (check the local partner or international info number on your policy) or ask at the hotel. In an emergency contact your embassy or consulate.
Well known private hospitals in and around Hurghada are Nile Hospital, Red Sea Hospital, El Gouna hospital, El Salam hospital.
Quality dental care is available in Hurghada as well. Dental tourism is a rising trend and many private cabinets are opened. Keep in mind that your travel insurance will not usually cover you for anything other than emergency dental treatment.
For minor illnesses pharmacists, who are well qualified, can often provide valuable advice and sell over-the-counter medication. They can also advise whether more specialized help is needed. Prices of medicines are quite low and to be sure that you are correctly charged check if you will find a price printed on a box or ask for a local companion.

Heat and sun
If travelling to Hurghada in summer months heat can become a health hazard as well. A bottle of water and a hat should always be with you while spending more time in direct sunlight. Headaches and dizziness after intense sun exposure, require a rest in a cool place and lots of juice or salted water. If sweating, temperature and flushed skin occur, more serious medical help is needed as these are the symptoms of heatstroke which, if not treated quickly, can be fatal.
For protecting your skin and hair from excessive sunlight and driness from salty sea water use generously sun creams and oils. Local pharmacies offer many imported products before or after tan. From local oil shops you will find much cheaper and more natural products, including almond, aloe, rocket and many other types of oils.

Hurghadas tap water should not be used for anything else than shower or washing. Wide range of mineral water products are available in any supermarket or corner shop. Boiled tap water can be used for coffee or tea without any serious consequences.

Animals and bugs
The desert of Sahara is a home for types of snakes and scorpions. The change to meet one of those wild creatures is minimal, but you should not go walking bare foot or turn the stones anywhere off roads. Against mosquitoes and flies pharmacies sell sprays, roll-on's and electrical devises for quite cheap price and all of these tools are quite effective and necessary to use.



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