Hurghada, known in Egypt as Ghardaga, was at one time just a simple fishing village. But now, with its crystal clear water, untouched reefs and a multitude of ship wrecks, it has become one of the best Egyptian tourist destinations. The small town centre with its bazaars, mosques and lively atmosphere reflects typical Egyptian life. Further inland lie the Desert Mountains, ideal for desert tours. Most of all Hurghada offers sunshine and relaxation - all you could want for your holiday.

Also known for the extensive nightlife, clubland giants Ministry of Sound Egypt and Hed Kandi Beach Bar both operate immensely successful parties 7 nights a week, and opened from the middle of June 2008, the new Hurghada Marina Boulevard hosts over 80 shops, 15 restaurants and 7 bars, not forgetting the country's only Bungee Rocket standing proud at the Marina's entrance...
With more than 20 km of hotels along the beach, Hurghada can satisfy the needs of every visitor, from scuba-diving to windsurfing to desert safaris. One can choose from the finest 5 Star Hotels to simple Guest Houses, and everything in-between. Hurghada is world renowned as a center for some of the world's best Diving. Within a couple of hours from your hotel you can be amongst a group of islands that are the home to Dive Sites guaranteed to astound even the most experienced divers.

The offshore islands tempt the diver to discovery. Of course many other recreational activities are available. Temperature Throughout the year Hurghada has a warm and dry desert climate with a steady breeze. Summers are very hot - be sure to protect yourself against the sun. In winter the temperature lies between 20° - 25° Celsius and water temperature reaches 20° - 22° Celsius. Enjoy a delightful submarine ride nearby, to view the underwater life in a unique fashion.

For the health care in hurghada you can find a lot of hospitals and medical centers. as well there is general public hospital.

Other nearby islands and destinations include the Shadwan Island (Diving, snorkeling, fishing but no swimming), Shaab Abu Shiban (Diving, snorkeling and swimming), Shaab el-Erg (Diving, fishing and snorkeling), Umm Gammar Island (Diving and snorkeling), Shasb Saghir Umm Gammae (Diving), Careless Reef (Diving), Abu Ramada Island (Diving), Shaab Abu Ramada (Fishing), Dishet el-Dhaba (Beaches and swimming), Shaab Abu Hashish (Beaches, diving, snorkeling, swimming and fishing), Sharm el-Arab (Diving, swimming and fishing and Abu Minqar Island (Beaches and swimming).



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