If you’re a woman travelling alone, it's always easy to catch the Metro: the middle carriage of every train is reserved for women only. The city’s underground system is very efficient and often quicker than taxi.
Make sure you wear appropriate clothing in the city. Shoulders should always be covered, and the longer the sleeves the better. Shorts or skirts should always be knee-length. Loose, long-sleeved shirts with trousers are the best garments for both men and women, and will mean you receive less unwanted attention.
Cairo is busy, noisy and full of bustle. It’s exhilarating, but it can be tiring. If you feel you need to get away from it all for a while there are a number of options for some (relative) solitude. Visit Zamalek, a district on the Gezira island, head to the courtyard of a local mosque, or just take a felucca ride along the Nile – a traditional wooden boat specific to the area which can hold about ten passengers only. If all else fails, head to an upmarket hotel and relax by the pool for a few hours.
The “city of the dead” is the name given to two cemeteries in Cairo. However, the cemeteries are still very much cities of the living. Many homeless and poor people have taken residence in the tombs and schools and trade continue in the walled cities. Mausoleums become houses and there is even a post office within the tombs.
An easy day trip from the city is the Birqash Camel Market – the largest in the country. Arrive early and choose a spot to watch the show unfold.
When visiting the Pyramids at Giza, don’t be alarmed by the extremely aggressive camel touts. It can seem almost impossible to refuse a camel ride (so many tourists do it that the touts may well assume everyone wants to) but simply say “no” firmly and then continue walking. Always maintain good humour.

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