The dining in Hurghada has gained new meaning over the last year as numerous quality restaurants were opened throughout the city. By no chance one should skip a nice sea food meal from fresh Red Sea fish or shellfish available, and as well try out the local cuisine offering pigeons, lamb, beans or famous Egyptian rice dishes.

If you care to try out the Egyptian cuisine set your direction to Sakala square, Dahar or Shery street. The canteen like design is outweighed by cheap price and delicious heavy portions that will fill you up for half a day! Do look for cleanness and hygiene of the place! If you are ready to pay more, visit Felfela or Kanzaman Restaurant, who as well offer Egyptian menu but in higher style. Famous local sea food places are located in Sakala square or around. Bare in mind that local restaurants will not offer any alcoholic beverages. The price range of good meal for two in local eatery should be in range from 25-50 LE. Budget menu can be as little as 10 LE or less per person.

Fast food is the word of last 5-10 years in Hurghada, when internationally known chains opened up their branches. In general seems to be the big hit among local families. Pizza hut, KFC, McDonalds, Burger Kind, Hardees are all represented in Sakkala or Village Road. From local chains try out famous Cooks Door sandwiches (chicken, shrimps) or cheap shawarma bread from Kammuna corner shop, both of them located in Sherry street next to Sakkala centre. Fast food prices start from 5 LE a sandwich in Kammuna up to 40 LE meal box from KFC.

Fine dining in Hurghada is a growing trend of last couple of years, when most of the chic restaurants with local or international chiefs have opened their doors for those who prefer to go ou to eat and meet.
Most of these Thai, Indian, Italian, Sea Food and International cuisine dining facilities are situated in New Hurghada Marina or on the Promenade. Some fine a la carte menus can be found also in 4 or 5 stars hotels, but prior reservation in this case may be required.
A dinner for two in Marina fancy restaurant can cost you around 150-300 LE excluding the wine or other bottled drinks.



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