The quality of beach life in Hurghada is very much a question of the quality of your hotel. With small exceptions, most of the beaches have been taken over by hotels. Some, usually the better ones, do not allow non-visitors to enter, even at a fee.

However, for those who choose to holiday in Hurghada’s small downtown hotels, rented flats or houses with no direct access to a beach, there are still number of nice beaches available. Here’s a short list of beaches outside hotels, open to everybody and all year round. Entering the beach sometimes requires a small entrance fee. Pets are usually not allowed as Egyptians are not so big pet lovers.

Old Vic Village
In a residential area of white seafront villas, this long sandy beach is located along a bay, protected from wind and waves and thus great for kids. The beach also has a beach-volley court, water sports centre, restaurant, bar, showers, bathrooms. The entrance fee of 25 LE per person includes the use of umbrella and sun bed. South Corniche, Village Road, 1 km from Marriott Hotel.

Elysees Dreams Beach
Smaller and more private than previous, Elysees Dreams Beach offers a feeling of relaxation. Easy music, wireless internet and catering management from well-known Bulls restaurant create an atmosphere of true vacation. The place also accommodates The Bovary Health Club & Spa where sauna, gym and quality massage is available. Entrance 30 LE, including a towel, umbrella and sun bed. Sheraton Road, 500 m from Marriott Hotel.

Hed Kandi Beach Bar
Funky and fancy, this newly opened place is a perfect chill out scene for lazy days. Hed Kandi is an absolute favourite of the young, chic and trendy. Includes beach, heated swimming pool, pool bar, hot tub, VIP areas. Entrance fee of 50 LE is required, including a small water and towel. Check out Wednesday afternoon pool parties. In Hurghada’s Marina Boulevard.

In addition public beaches exist in Hurghada. Mainly popular among locals and Arab tourists, public beaches do not offer much to see. Somewhat modest behaviour and clothing will do no harm when visiting such places, in order to avoid too much attention of other sunbathers. Small entrance fee up to 10 LE is usually required.



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