It is not accidental that Egypt has been one of the most popular tourist destination in world since 19th century. There must be something interesting to see and experience! And luckily for you almost all of it is accessible from Hurghada as well.
In addition to local Islamic culture there are three main categories of sightseeing worth to visit- these are amazing historical sights, relaxing desert and colorful Red Sea. The resort offers also fun entertainment like aqua parks, go-cart, golf, bowling and more.
Before you buy, make sure that you will not be cheated, as not all the offers are supported bt required licenses and insurances. The prize level can therefore vary a lot, but be aware that the saving does not come on safety account.
CairoCairo is not only the capital of Egypt but also a centre of Arab world as well as the biggest city in the continent of Africa. Chaotic, crowded, dusty, hot and extremely noisy, Al-Qahira might leave you with a sort of culture shock at first. Try to blend in, however, and you will find yourself chatting with a jolly spice seller on the bazaar, wandering around in the narrow cooling streets of Coptic neighborhood or witnessing the holy Friday prayer in and outside of the spectacular mosques of the metropolis of Islam.
Guided daily excursions usually take you to the main touristic attractions: Cairo Museum, pyramids and the Sphinx. While all of those are definitely worth checking out for, a bus ride from perfume shop to the pyramids and then to the lunch will hardly give you an impression of real Cairo atmosphere.
Try to get a glimpse of famous Khan El-Khalili open market, where the selection of gold, textile, water pipes, spices and souvenirs is wide and exciting. If you have more time in your hands, make the trip of 2 days. The best places to see include Al-Azhar mosque, the most important one in Islamic world, together with neighboring Al-Azhar park - a favorite hang-out site of local families during off-days. Don’t miss the Citadel of Saladdin, the Hanging Church in Old Cairo, the breathtaking view from Cairo Tower, the islands of Zamalek and Gezira, the modern district of Heliopolis and a felucca ride on River Nile.
One of the most-visited sites in Egypt, Luxor, was the Thebes of the ancient Egyptians - the capital of Egypt during the Middle and New Kingdoms. Today the city, divided in two by river Nile, is famous for its well-preserved temples and the nearby Valley of the Kings.
It is a wise choice to choose one of the many tour operators and their guided excursions to visit an ancient capital. Most daily excursions include Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Hatchepsut and Karnak Temple in their programs.
The mortuary temple of Egypt’s only female ruler, Queen Hatshepsut, is a masterpiece of design that has been built into a natural amphitheatre in the cliffs. Even more crowded is the royal necropolis, Valley of the Kings. Tutankhamun's tomb is one everyone wants to visit just to witness the area that contained the treasure now partly on show at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Many other tombs, however, are even more impressive. Don’t miss the burial ground of Thutmose III in a narrow cut in the bedrock cliffs, high above the floor of the Valley of the Kings. The tomb of Ramesses III holds one of the most beautiful decorations.
By no doubt the most astonishing place to see lies at the northern end of town. Karnak complex of temples is built over a span of about 1,500 years. It is famous for its main Hypostyle Hall with 134 massive columns. Wandering around amidst the imposing ancient ruins, picturing the life between these walls once upon a time, is guaranteed to leave you breathless.
The Red Sea has some of the best diving in the world and scuba diving is an absolute must-try when vacationing in Hurghada. With around 1200 species of fish and 150 species of coral, plus an average yearly temperature of 20° C, Red Sea is a pleasant place to jump in.
There are plenty of diving centers in all over Hurghada, most of them situated on hotels beaches. Diving courses for all levels are on offer, including specialty courses where internationally recognized licenses are awarded. Beginners become acquainted with the diving equipment either in the hotel pool or head straight to a daily dive trip on a boat. Everybody, kids and adults of all ages, can explore the fascinating underwater world, hand in hand with an experienced instructor. No prior skills are required.
Numerous white boats leave the dock every morning in the direction of the most interesting diving areas that are mostly situated at distances of 50-90 minutes sailing. Two guided underwater diving expeditions are usually programmed during the outing, with a break between for lunch on board.
In addition to stunning coral reefs, a chance of spotting lionfish, scorpion fish, parrotfish, rays, barracudas, seahorses, turtles and even dolphins is rather high.
For advanced divers, night diving, drift diving, wreck diving (e.g The Thistlegorm from the 1940ies, The Salem Express sunk only in 1991), diving safaris and options for underwater photography are available.
Recommended diving centers: and
Another way to get acquainted with the extraordinary underwater life of Red Sea is to observe it from the surface – snorkeling. A mask, a snorkel and a good pair of fins help you to get about and have a good look on what’s going on below. For less experienced or in case of worse sea conditions, a suit and floating vest are useful as well.
Snorkelers can either hop onto a diving boat and splash around in open sea, take a daily trip to one of the small sandy islands not far from the coast (Mahmya, Giftun, Paradise Island) or get soaked right on the hotel beach. The farther you go, naturally, the more diverse marine life you see.
Snorkeling equipment is available for rent and for sale on spot.
Recommended snorkleling trips: and Utopia Island
Desert safari is an easy way to get a glimpse of Sahara. Most safaris are carried out with jeeps that seat 6-8 persons. Want to get your own hands dirty? Try quads (ATV) for either one or two drivers. An exciting one-hour drive through the Eastern Desert brings you to a traditional Bedouin Camp where you have the opportunity to ride a camel, witness an authentic nomadic lifestyle and gaze upon a spectacular desert sunset. Later on, sitting on embroidered cushions and traditional Arabic carpets in Bedouin tents, a barbeque dinner is served. In some places the dinner is upgraded with oriental show and folkloric songs.
Horseback Riding
Most tourists arriving to Hurghada are interested in not more than a few-hour horse tour in the desert. The magnificent sandy scenery lies just minutes away from busy centre and offers great views in an open space. Desert tours include sunrise/sunset trips and suit to all levels. In most stables the selection starts from Arabian stallions and ends with ponies or even camels, donkeys. Rides are accompanied with experienced grooms.
Recommended Horse or Camel safari: Sea Horse Club
Aqua parks
Hurghada offers 2 big aquatic parks - Titanic and Sindbad aqua parks. Here you will find assortment of water rides and slides, pools, sun bed areas and snack bars. Hurghada's aqua parks are suitable for infants and adults with different categories of slides and pools. Pools are heated in the winter period.
Full day, half day and discount tickets are available with tour operators or at the gate.
Glass bottom boats Last but not least, there is a possibility to observe the underwater world without getting wet at all. Several times a day, glass bottom boats leave from Hurghada on a few-hour trips. Larger, submarine-like boats also hold a sun deck and restrooms on board. Orca boat provides lunch and oriental shows as part of the program as well. For more information, see your travel agent, hotels beach or Hurghada’s New Marina.
Oriental night
Don’t feed bad if lazy beach holiday has changed your perfect figure, because real bellydancer in Egypt must have something to shake. You will find a dancer in every bigger hotel or night club, but not all of the girls performing are Egyptian origin. If you want to join the stage, learn beforehand the basic moves from beach animators or belly dance classes available in the city.
Not only women have show talent in Arab world and actually you will find more local men than women on dance floors. One must-see thing in Egypt is Tanoura show - boys as young as 4 years old up to grown up men wearing colorful skirts and spinning elegantly for several minutes.
Egyptian nights include also cobra shows, horse shows and dancing fountains. Choose your favorite and buy a ticket!



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