The majority of budget hotels in Hurghada can be found around the Ad-Dahar district, close to the seafront. However, those claiming to overlook to sea itself will rarely offer a good view and the water will usually be a fair way in the distance. Many of these hotels offer good value guest rooms, balconies, swimming pools, air conditioning, private bathrooms and access to nearby beaches.

A number of mid-range accommodation options are also available in the Ad-Dahar area of Hurghada. These often come in the shape of fairly reasonable beachfront resorts, which are usually considerably cheap than their newer counterparts located to the south. Popular choices include the Triton Empire Beach hotels along the Sharia Sayyed al-Qorayem, and the Geisum Village resort on the actual beachfront itself.

Those looking for nightclubs and action after dark should consider the hotels in the Sigala area of Hurghada. A small range of budget accommodation is sited here and although this district is a good base for partying, it can be a little noisy at times. The best mid-range hotels in Sigala are concentrated around the Sharia Sheraton area.

Many of the best hotels in Hurghada line the main resort strip and fall into the top-end bracket of accommodation, often being aimed at package tours. Further luxury accommodation is scattered around the coastline between both Ad-Dahar and the Sigala districts and is known for its panoramic views of the seafront and beyond.

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