Before undertaking any adventure activity to ensure that your travel insurance covers you for the activity.

The hiring of quad bikes can be dangerous. There have been several serious accidents involving British nationals in resort areas Quad been. You should follow the same precautions as in the UK and we note that safety standards can vary considerably. You should always wear a helmet, and you should ensure that your travel insurance covers you fully before you hire a quad bike.

If you are considering diving or snorkeling in one of the resorts on the Red Sea, you should be aware that the safety standards of diving operators can vary considerably. A basic rule is never to dive or snorkel unaccompanied. Where possible, you should make all bookings through your tour guide. Unusually cheap, operators may not offer adequate security and insurance standards. Make sure that your travel insurance covers you fully before you dive. Diving beyond the limit of the depth of your insurance is to invalidate the cover.

They should ensure that your travel insurance, or that the tour or dive company, provides sufficient coverage for the costs involved in any air / sea rescue, if you lost at sea. The current fee can exceed $ 4,000 per hour. The Egyptian authorities will only undertake air / sea rescue operations at the entrance to a payment guarantee. The British Embassy is not able to provide this initial guarantee, but the communication between insurance companies and the Egyptian authorities.

There were three major accidents hot air balloon in Luxor in 2009. You should check the operator the security arrangements carefully.

Other activities that could jeopardize your insurance covers are camel and horse riding.


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