All border regions should be treated with extreme caution. If you want to travel to the southwestern corner of the country near the Egypt / Sudan / Libya border, you must apply an approved travel permits from the Department of the Egyptian Interior Ministry. We advise extreme caution when traveling in this area, and you should consider carefully whether your security measures are sufficient. In 2008, 19 people were also abducted Karkur Talh to safari in the area, near the border. The limits in this area are porous and bandits and armed groups operate.

The area of the border between Egypt and Gaza, and surrounding North Sinai area is often tense, with occasional outbreaks of violence. There have been reports of cross-border shootings remained in Egypt, including sixth January 2010, when an Egyptian border guard was shot. Demonstrators in the Gaza side of the border near the Rafah border crossing was on sixth in clashes January and the security situation in the region remains tense injured.

The Rafah border crossing between Egypt and Gaza is currently daily from 9.00 am to 19.00 clock for humanitarian aid providers and those with prior approval. For the latest requirements on the crossing from Egypt to Gaza, assistance or provide the input for humanitarian purposes should contact the Egyptian Embassy in London in connection. However, the Egyptian authorities said that all aid going into Gaza from Egypt must go through the Egyptian Red Crescent (tel + 20 226 703 979 channeling, + 20226703983, Fax: + 20,226,703,967). Late requests for humanitarian access and are unlikely to be regarded in Egypt. Please note that the Egyptian authorities a letter from the British embassy in Cairo as a part of their entry requirements to ask. The British Embassy considers each request carefully and is only able to deliver letters under certain circumstances and against strict criteria, if entry for purposes of humanitarian aid. Please contact the British Embassy directly for details. Also see the FCO Travel Advice for Israel and the occupied territories.
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