•Egypt brings one thing to mind immediately – the Great Pyramids. It is likely that everyone visiting the country will want to see the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. In order to avoid the bulk of the crowds, as well as the heat of the day, try and visit as early as possible in the day: 8am is ideal, but definitely aim to get there before midday. Additionally, tickets for the Great Pyramid are limited to 300 a day, so arriving early should ensure you get one.
•Taking money to any country in Africa can be a dilemma. Is it wiser to carry travellers cheques, local currency or change it when you get there? Facilities for changing money are good in Egypt, and exchange rates are often considerably better than they would be at home, so it is well worth considering changing your currency once you’ve arrived. However, be aware that banks are not open for the hours as you might expect. Most are closed on Friday and Saturday, though open on Sundays. Working hours are usually 8am-2pm. If you’re stuck at other times, search out a big international hotel, which will often contain money-changing facilities (though for unappealing rates).
•One of the best places for swimming or snorkelling in Egypt is at Marsa Alam, on the Red Sea. Until recently, Marsa Alam was a small fishing village, but it has increasingly become a popular resort with those wanting to avoid the tourists of the North. As it is one of the more recent developments for tourists, it’s easy to find good eco-lodges and camps in which to stay. The Wadi el Gamal coast area is a national park, which means the mangroves, palm trees, coral reef and dolphins are all protected by the preservation area. Holiday here with a clearer conscience.
•Lake Nasser in southern Egypt is the largest man-made lake in the world. Two towns by the lake are especially worth visiting: Abu Simbel and Aswan. It’s easiest to stay in Aswan and take a day-trip (or longer) to Abu Simbel. Connection is easy by plane, or by a very early morning bus. The latter takes longer, but does mean you can see the sun rise over the desert.
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