Domestic Egypt flights are readily available and can save a lot of time, though they are certainly not the cheapest means of getting around. Egypt Air, the national carrier, flies domestically.

Public transport is good throughout the country. Trains are reliable and safe and the rail network connects most towns. Surprisingly, however, this can be the slowest method of transport – particularly for short journeys where buses will almost always be quicker. If you are travelling long distances by train, make sure you get the fast non-stop air-conditioned wagons, rather than the slower stopping local trains.

Buses are also reliable and cheaper than trains. The network is excellent – almost anywhere you could want to go will be covered.

Service taxis, known as servees, are popular and common. Often Peugeot saloons, the large taxis will pick up passengers from popular spots, such as train stations and only depart when full – often with a dozen people in. They are an inexpensive way to travel and usually safe, but you will have little control about when you leave or how long it takes to get to your destination.
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