Peak Season:
Because the heat of the summer can be unbearable, the peak season for travel to Egypt is between October and May. This time is especially appealing to many European travellers as they can jump on a short flight to Egypt and escape the winter months of their own country. Hotels will often be fully booked and prices rise during this time of year.

Off Season:
The least popular time to visit is during the hottest months – for good reason. However, if you plan on travelling during this time, some real bargains can be found. Avoid the southern parts, however, and stick to the coast, where breezes from the sea keep the thermometer lower. The other advantage of visiting during this time is the increased peace and quiet to be found at major tourist sites.

The month of Ramadan is often less popular with Western visitors. Many restaurants will close down for the month and alcohol is much less widely available. The up-side is that this can be another perfect time to see more of the country and its people, and less of your fellow tourists.

Shoulder Season:
Spring time, between March and April, is one of the best times to visit. The weather is still very warm, but has not yet reached summertime peaks, and the tourists are dwindling off from peak season. The Khamsin wind blows in from the desert between this time, however. It is a spectacularly powerful wind that can reach 150kmph. It normally blows for a few days only, so you can either try to avoid it, or simply bunker down and enjoy the spectacle…
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